James Malinchak Testimonial
Thank you, James!

"I had know idea about anything crypto prior to this tutorial. I now have several types of coin stored safely in a wallet due to this clear and easy to follow module. I recommend this course highly for someone that is beginning their crypto journey." Mark Kilbride

"This Crypto investing in 4 simple steps is excellent way to start to get invested into crypto. I first went to Sondee free webinar, she has a great gift of teaching to make this first step in trying to understand this emerging currency and technology so simple.  She has a great disposition, which makes it worth it every penny to learn from her and I look forward to her future classes." Dean La Gala

"I know Crypto has been around for a while but I have not found the time to dive in. I highly recommend using Sondee's courses to get started. It will save you a lot of time putting it all together. She really breaks it down to an easy to understand process. Weather you are looking to have some fun investing or looking to get a little more serious, this course will guide you through quickly. She is very knowledgeable and her presentation is professional." Tom Hess

"I need to disclose that I am a hopeless luddite, and also someone who is fairly dubious of crypto-currency. If I had not met Sondee in person, I never would have done this! And, even if I had begun the process myself, I never would have completed it without her help. Buying crypto, as it turns out, is not a simple process, especially for someone like me. However, she outlines every step clearly and in order. If you just pause the video and complete each step as you go, it will work! Even so, I still had to reach out to her during the process and she made herself available to guide me through the process that she had already outlined; and was even interested in whether anything had changed since she launched to how-to videos. I still don't know if crypto is the answer to a weakening dollar, but I know that I have the opportunity to find out, thanks to her help!" Bill Hanson

Sondee Lima

Sondée Lima is the creator of Your Money Gal, LLC. From her classroom experiences teaching robotic programming, graduate-level business communications, ESOL, and college writing to her time as a business coach, stock broker, entrepreneur, development specialist, and deputy director of an environmental nonprofit, Sondée has pushed the limits of success and hopes to share some of the lessons she has learned with you. Her students, volunteers, employees, and clients have all valued her sense of what’s possible in today’s world. Currently, she enjoys coaching local businesses and creating courses for her online businesses. LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sondee-lima-a3812054/