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What is Crypto and How Do I Get Started Investing? 

Nervous about the technology? This webinar is for you! You will have a better understanding of crypto and how to get started investing. 


This webinar will teach you about the 3 types of crypto assets:

1) Currencies

2) Protocols

3) Enterprises


You will also learn the 4 steps to investing:

1) Set up a digital wallet

2) Open an exchange account

3) Buy crypto

4) Store your crypto in a secure digital wallet

Cryptocurrency is the most exciting development since the beginning of the Internet.


Sondee's clear and concise communication style makes learning from her very simple. She doesn't add a lot of fluff and only provides what's important. For today's busy lives, this is so important!


This webinar is perfect for those who might be ready to invest but nervous about the technology and need extra direction and confidence through understanding.


My goal is to exceed your expectations!


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Bring your questions and take notes as there will be a short Q&A at the end.

Sondee Lima

Sondée Lima is the creator of Your Money Gal, LLC. From her classroom experiences teaching robotic programming, graduate-level business communications, ESOL, and college writing to her time as a business coach, stock broker, entrepreneur, development specialist, and deputy director of an environmental nonprofit, Sondée has pushed the limits of success and hopes to share some of the lessons she has learned with you. Her students, volunteers, employees, and clients have all valued her sense of what’s possible in today’s world. Currently, she enjoys coaching local businesses and creating courses for her online businesses. LinkedIn Profile:


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